Monday, December 28, 2009

On my year in television

In my latest year end wrap up, I must preface by again warning you that I'm presenting nothing earth shattering here in the least. Rather, writing these provides a nice opportunity to give you an idea of my weekly news and entertainment sources so that you might be able to better understand where some of my views in the future stem from. I say 'television' loosely given the fact that I haven't turned my television on in months. But thankfully Hulu makes that all okay and I'm able to kill some time with the latest tv programs.

Let's start with the new additions:
Community and Modern Family are both hilarious; there I said it. I urge you to give them a try. I'm not looking for deep social commentary from my television time, and as relatively pure comedyies with just the right amount of 'cutsey'ness these shows are no exception. I suppose arguments could be made about the nature of the american educational system displayed in the former, and the diverse family portrayed in the latter, but when it comes down to it I refrain from taking prime time television too seriously. The mockumentary style is surely getting a bit trite, but Modern Family pulls it off wonderfully. And who among you isn't thankful to finally get to see Chevy Chase on a weekly basis?

Oldies but Goodies:
30 Rock continues to impress on an almost weekly basis, which seems like a given these days. And although I'm reluctant to say it, I just blazed my way through Parks and Recreation and found myself enjoying it as well. Again with the mockumentaries, I know. I didn't have high hopes for this one given that the star is from the much maligned SNL, but I've heard that this season is so much better then the first and I must say that I've been pleasantly surprised with this.

They're dead to me:
Once the NBC anchor, I'm inching ever closer to cutting the cord and quitting the office for good. I maintain a dwindling interest based solely off the characters who I have spent countless hours with over the years, and I keep my fingers crossed that some new plot lines will return it to its rightful place in my heart. Yet my patience is dwindling... it's just not that funny. My dwindling interest for the office, is no match for my complete and utter disgust towards It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Again, I once loved this show but this season has continued the disturbing trend of pushing each character to their absolute extremes. The mere sound of Charlie's voice just drills into my skull, and I can't even remember the last time that an episode passed without someone vomiting. It always was a gritty take on the path blazed by Seinfeld, but what was once grit has ebbed closer and closer to the sludge that collects in stagnant pools along the Delaware River.

Let me know what shows I'm missing out on by not having a television. Or better yet, let me know about some good shows that I can watch online. I greatly appreciate any and all recommendations that don't start with a 'J' and end with an 'ersey Shore'.

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  1. I really love Community. I just started watching it about a month ago. I got caught up with in on Hulu. Right nor it's probably my favorite out of the four NBC comedies. I liked Parks and Rec and I think it has been improving this season. Not that it was bad, but I think the show has been figuring itself out, just like The Office did in it's 2nd season. 30 Rock has been pretty great this season, but I felt a couple episodes were a bit weak. I did think a few episode were pretty solid, hilarious.

    I totally agree with you on The Office. I think they should end it this season. But seeing as how NBC has been having awful financial problems this year (see Jay Leno Show, Tonight show fiasco, The Winter Olympics), and The Office and The Biggest Loser are the only shows on NBC that actually make a profit, I don't think NBC will be ending The Office anytime soon. The clipshow episode they did a few weeks back was pretty bad.

    I was absolutely against Modern Family in the beginning. The promos mad it look terrible. But I have heard from good sources (Phil) that it's actually pretty funny and I did watch a new promo recently that made me laugh, so I might have to check that out soon.

  2. haha, its funny because after writing this my friend hated on community so much he made me rethink its inclusion. but i still like it. and yeah 30 rock has been a bit lackluster too lately.